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About IHRDI 

The International Healthcare Research and Development Institute started as a group meeting in 2003 in Chicago -when several innovators ,clinical researchers and healthcare executives styled themselves as “The Innovation Network” began their meetings at international professional conferences to share ideas and experiences.

It became clear to “The Innovation Network”, and has subsequently been documented in a number of educational studies, that innovators and executives benefit greatly from interaction among peers in exclusive group learning settings. It became clear that leadership development occurred as members assessed, challenged and supported the ideas of their colleagues. Members increased knowledge and capabilities as they discussed strategy, projects, successes and failures. "The Innovation Network" evolved and become officially The International Healthcare Research and Development Institute in the fall of 2006.

Strength in our ecosystems . Care for our Communities

Our Core Values

• Facilitating the transfer of technology from the laboratory to the national and international marketplace.
• Securing patent protection for new healthcare technologies around the world
• Generating industrial support for ongoing applied research projects
• Licensing  global technologies to ensure full commercial application and generate royalties

• Enhancing access to funding sources from private equity, venture capital and investment banking
• Building an equity portfolio of global companies around innovative technologies

• Explore new global markets for small to midsize Healthcare companies

• Providing trend insight ,training and certification programs for healthcare professionals and clinical researchers worldwide.

• To support Medical & Healthcare Graduates and their educators around the world to have access to research opportunities and advance training and education programs.

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Our Mission

Today, The International Healthcare Research & Development Institute "IHRDI" is composed of hundreds of active Healthcare Executives, Venture Capitalists , Private Equity Investors ,Technology Transfer officers, Innovators from Healthcare Companies, Medical Devices, Biotech and Pharmaceuticals with other members who like to invest ,commercialize ,promote and adopt new ideas and innovative products and services in healthcare. All these members undertake IHRDI’s mission and activities.

Academic institutions have seen a significant increase in technology transfer activity. It has helped to spawn new businesses, create industries, and open new markets. Our main goal at IHRDI is to assist in the commercialization process of new technologies in healthcare and life sciences to benefit the general public and the global healthcare marketplace. Frequently, projects in which IHRDI has assisted have led to significant improvements in healthcare delivery, transfer of technology and the modification of methods or materials.

IHRDI delivers the following services :


Training & Development Consulting


We created a Training Institute to carry out all the best training options available to healthcare professionals around the world :

  •  Medical Fellowship Programs

  •  Clinical Research Training

  •  Emergency & Trauma Training

  •  Disaster Management & Safety in Health Care Training

  •  Simulation Labs & Advance Training Centers

  •  Fund Raising for R&D and global healthcare projects

Global Insight Program ( GIP )


It is a unique way for medical and life science firms with limited marketing budgets to optimize their participation in large international medical technology and equipment shows around the world. Companies have the opportunity to participate under the banner of IHRDI as an associate business member ABM and strike business deals without the high expense of an exhibition booth or a stand .It is an alternative way to exhibit ,test new international shows  and gain global contacts without huge exhibition budgets and expensive commitments.( No Membership Requirement to Participate in GIP ) contact us to learn about the 2014 GIP program at different international medical and healthcare shows.


International Exposure Consulting


IHRDI offers healthcare organizations and manufacturers of top quality Medical products access to the Global marketplace through a wide range of marketing, sales, technical, and distribution services for their products and services. Through a matrix of dedicated marketing and technical service departments, local area product and technical specialists, and local area territory representatives.

IHRDI provides comprehensive marketing coverage on behalf of its clients and suppliers on a regional basis. Marketing efforts are based on annual marketing plans developed by each marketing department for each product, and normally include attendance and exhibiting at a variety of medical trade shows throughout the region . We have several advertisements in leading healthcare magazines , medical trade publications , and clinical journals .

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