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Your Partner in International HealthCare Recruitment 

MED 2020 Staffing Services connects Global Healthcare Talent with Careers in the USA. Our aim is to empower and enable qualified Foreign Trained nurses and healthcare professionals to immigrate to the United States and to enhance the careers of domestic nurses to work to achieve maximum professional advancement.

Our team is here to support you, to help you make the most of your experience, and to create a package that’s customized for your needs.

Everyone wins when we pair clinical and technical competencies with a coordinated approach of patient-centered care that emphasizes compassion, collaboration, and clear, effective communication. 

Why should you recruit permanent internationally?

Rise in Demand

There is an increasing need and rise in demand for qualified healthcare professionals as a result of an aging population, an aging workforce, and an increased focus on the quality of care.

Vacancy Rates Soaring

Currently the vacancy rate is almost double this with many nursing posts lying vacant. There is a big shortage of nurses and other healthcare professionals in the USA. 

Save Money

Reduce agency costs and reinvest that money in other services.
Provide Better Patient Care

Temporary staff do not provide the care consistency of a permanent employee.

Fill Your Skills Gaps

Create a sustainable workforce that provides the clinical capabilities you need long-term.


Here’s the things that make us a bit different…

 • We provide extensive pastoral care services, ensuring you have happy candidates. This includes but is not limited to: Organizing hotel quarantine; arranging welcome food shops; coordinating welcome social activities; providing in person orientations; NCLEX exam training and test booking; travel arrangement coordination and accommodation sourcing there’s no job too big or too small.

 • Our “NCLEX Accelerator Hub” online learning platform offers all of our nurses a head start on their training and reduces the NCLEX training time required of your NCLEX Education teams. In fact we guarantee that our nurses will pass their NCLEX using our Accelerator Hub product, or you get your service fee back in full.

 • We know the administrative burden of international recruitment can take its toll on your team (and escalate costs) which is why we do everything we can to reduce this burden. We partner with a trusted firm of Immigration Lawyers who we can support our efforts. 

Helping global healthcare professionals realize their American dreams.

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