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What is a "Green Hospital"?

One of the four initiatives of the Hospital 2020 movement.

Aiming to accelerate the development, use, and diffusion of environmentally preferable products, practices and construction of green buildings in hospitals and medical practices worldwide. The alliance include all interested parties in the green hospital movement from hospitals, healthcare leaders, hospital suppliers, green building vendors, universities and governmental entities who can bring valuable resources in how to build or even convert existing hospitals to become more sustainable, at the same notion provides first hand insight on the many benefits of becoming green hospitals of the future.

The seven elements of the initiative:

• Food at the hospital
• Water use at the hospital
• Waste at the the hospital
• Alternate Energy at the hospital
• Green Building Design at the hospital
• Energy Efficiency at the hospital
• Transportation in and around the hospital


The green hospital movement began years ago following the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)’s release of their Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards for building construction.  Although initial cost to adopt green practices might be higher but they are the best investment in your facility. Green hospitals have been shown to reduce long-term energy costs.  In addition, there is a growing consensus among the health care profession that pollutants generated by medical facilities must be reduced.  Moreover, green hospital design has been linked to better patient outcomes and staff retention.In the past few years, a number of newly constructed and renovated hospital buildings have strived for and received LEED certification. 

The Green Hospital is defined as a hospital that has taken the initiative to do the one or more of the following: choose an environmentally friendly site, utilizes sustainable and efficient designs, uses green building materials and products, thinks green during construction and keeps the greening process going. A Green Hospital is constructed around a facility that recycles, reuses materials, reduces waste, and produces cleaner air.

Join us at the " Green Hospital Forum" in December 2015 as part of our annual Hospital 2020 Awards in Chicago.Show your support to promote sustainable practices at hospitals around the world.

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Program Services and Deliverables:

The Green Hospital initiative provide participants with the following:

• RESOURCES: A rich variety of printed and online educational materials are distributed to increase the health care professional’s knowledge about environmental issues in the community that impact human health. Resources include:  Green Purchasing Resources List, Guide to Environmental Impact in Hospitals.

• COACHING: Ongoing coaching is provided to support participants as they navigate through each aspect of the green hospital practices process and design longer-term sustainability efforts.

• PEER NETWORKING: Face-to-face and online discussion groups are offered to foster a learning community among participants, and to share emerging sustainable best practices.


• LECTURES AND COURSES: we offer an ongoing series of events, lectures and courses focused on sustainable practices,insight on operational efficiency, strategies to reduce costs and create a better environment for patients and employees.

• GREEN HOSPITAL CERTIFICATION: under the standards developed by the Green Hospital Initiative, in conjunction with other organizations and Green Councils. These hospitals have not only achieved regulatory compliance, but have gone above and beyond in the areas of waste management, energy and water use reduction, pollution prevention and other sustainable practices.

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Green Hospital promotes the following:

• Sustainable building materials
• Products free of mercury, latex, PVC, and DEHP
• Energy and water conservation
• Tools and resources for environmentally preferable purchasing
• Greener cleaners
• Integrated pest management
• Waste Reduction and Recycling
• Green Electronics
• Managing pharmaceuticals
• Environmentally Preferable Medical Waste Treatment and Disposal
• Safer alternatives to PBDEs: products in health care settings
• Nutritious, Sustainable Foods and Food Systems


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