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Our Mission is
Your Transformed Vision 

MED 2020 is a mission to promote and advocate for the transformation of hospitals and medical practices worldwide.

Established in 2009 as a compassionate project of visionary physicians, administrators and business leaders that saw the immediate need for change. They researched successful programs, bundled best practices and produced four essential initiatives for the VISIONARY Medical Care worldwide. 

Today’s medical care needs, economics, and disparities demand the next set of solutions.

Our alliance was formed to educate, motivate, and engage healthcare professionals and stakeholders to adopt best practices in safety, sustainability, innovation and global interaction. Those practices intended to increase operational efficiency that would improve the health of patients, staff, and the communities. 


We’re guiding our clients and partners as they are transforming care delivery, redefining the patient journey, reimaging clinical and operating models for financial stability, and position for growth as new health ecosystems emerge. 

Our mission at MED 2020 and affiliated initiatives is promoted through our alliance who will call our stakeholders from government agencies, physicians, nurses, health care professionals, insurance companies, vendors, suppliers, regulatory agencies and patients to support and sustain comprehensive efforts into this campaign.

We are passionate about architecting the preeminent organization for service to healthcare.

When you partner with MED 2020, our team becomes an extension of your vision , practice; a dedicated partner working with you to achieve your goals and objectives.


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