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What is TraceMeds 

Trace Meds will track dispensing information on dispensed serialized pharmaceutical products and medical goods.

Payment Integrity Solutions to payers 

Track Dispensing Information

Trace Meds will provide Payment Integrity Solutions to payers by moving detection up earlier in the payment processing cycle to find irregularity in submitted claims before they are paid. Our business model relates generally to electronic processing of requests for third party payment for healthcare products, and relates more particularly to authorizing or denying such a request at the point of sale.


TraceMeds will monitor and control the payments for tracked pharmaceutical products and medical goods in real time at the dispensary point.

Avoid non-compete clauses

When the contract expires, you aren’t restricted on where or how you practice medicine.

We manage membership development and billing

You and your staff are able to focus on providing the best patient care possible while we manage your membership promotion, billing process and collection.

Delivery service
Picking up Prescriptions


Using the right tone, the right words, at the right times can make all the difference in transitioning with a panel of supportive, loyal patients. We provide marketing support, including website, branding materials and patient communications.

Access to our affluent global community who are seeking medical second opinion services from our Elite doctors.


Staff  Training 

We provide expert training for your staff before, during and after the transition to ensure that they’re educated and enthusiastic about your practice transformation. 

Regulatory guidance 

Expert guidance in every aspect of your new practice from Medicare compliance to patient contracts is essential to keeping you out of harm’s way. Elite MED taps into the collective knowledge of the nation’s leading concierge medicine legal counselors to our guidance in compliance with the latest regulations. You need expert consultant to manage your billing.


Sustain and grow your concierge practice 

We generate the continued outreach to new patients that’s crucial to keeping your practice healthy and thriving.

Access to our affluent global community who are seeking medical second opinion services from our Elite doctors.

Continuity of Patient Care 

Elite MED creates a personalized succession plan to prepare you for retirement and ensure continuity of patient care. We’ll guide you at every stage of the process, including recruiting and introducing a new physician to your practice.

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