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Why become a Global Hospital?Healthcare without borders

The Mission of Global Hospital

• Improve healthcare quality around the world

• Reduce medical errors

• Lower cost of healthcare worldwide

• Strengthen collaboration between physicians, administrators and hospitals worldwide

• Enhance medical training programs


The challenge for any international hospital is not competing with the hospital across town or with hospitals in the big city down the street. The challenge is how international hospitals can deliver quality care and compete for patients, physicians, nurses and recognition in the global marketplace.

Today, among the most visionary hospital CEOs, from large and small hospitals, the expression is “Think globally, act globally.” While most major players in the international healthcare market , including insurance providers, pharmaceutical companies, technology equipment manufacturers, software developers, and others have long had global markets built into their strategic plans, most international hospitals have not. 

Today, as the quality of global hospitals improve their standards, hospitals are learning from each other on building design, operations, patient safety, management ,cost reduction, planning, marketing and public relations. Other hospital groups need to be looking for strategic international collaboration so that they won’t be behind as the healthcare market goes global and they’re acting local.  

In the future hospitals who want a share in patients from abroad will need to collaborate with physicians and health systems abroad. It is clear that health care around the world needs improvement.  The ideal would be a standard for health care quality that not only standardizes quality and outcomes among the states or the regions but also comparable quality and outcomes among countries .Global health care is not just limited to patients from one country going to another country to get care.  It also involves health care professionals, including physicians, nurses, administrators, pharmacists and others working together to solve health care problems, create new treatments, and improve patient outcomes.


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